"What would religion be without laughter?" - St. Thomas Aquinas

"What would religion be without laughter?" - St. Thomas Aquinas

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

It Started With An Egg: My First Post (Finally)

(book signing at the Pet Life store in South Portland, Maine)

Since I established my own blog back in the spring, there have been various attempts to write my first post. I think I must have racked up at least a half dozen, none of which ever made it. They would become dated, I would think of something better, or I intended just to focus on the cat's blog. He can be a handful.

This time, it's about readers. My first book is out, has been for almost three months now and I have come to a conclusion as to why I'm not crazed with the number of books I'm selling or hanging precipitously, waiting for what comes next. I am most appreciative of each and every one who has shown interest in hosting me or simply has added my book to his/her library. The key here is "each and every one."

You see, it all started with an egg.

My first Easter egg hunt as a child after coming to the States was the most amazing event. I recall my parents not being quite so thrilled since my approach to the manic environment of looking for Easter eggs was quite different. I didn't run. I approached the activity as if it were a leisurely stroll on a Sunday afternoon. Of course, this prompted exasperation, yelling and trying to encourage me to get with the program and collect as many eggs as possible. I wouldn't do it. I took my time.

It wasn't long before I found my one beautiful blue egg. I remember reaching for it, looking it over, and putting it into my basket. I turned to go back to where the hunt started, facing parents obviously beside themselves. I enjoyed my egg. Never once regretted not getting more.

I draw a connection between this and my looking for readers and the selling of books. There hasn't been a manic pursuit of book sales. For every single reader who has purchased my novel, I felt a connection, an appreciation. For each book, I had a special inscription. I have laughed with readers, made new friends, met dog lovers happy to cross over, and encountered hosts in venues that couldn't have been more gracious. Reading groups have even sprung up on the spur of the moment, initiated by long-time, close friends.

When asked how many books I've sold, I say I've lost count. I've been so caught up in the experience of having each person delight in their purchase or chuckle at what was written on the back cover or within the book itself referring to Tom. A found object in its own right, the book continues to warrant amazement.

Reminding me once again what it was like to be in love with a beautiful egg, content with the significance I gave it.



  1. That's the way to do anything, i think: for enjoyment's sake. I write as well, short stories, not one of them published. I would like to have them put out by a big publishing company, or accepted by a literary agent who thinks they are the best things since Henry James, but I write because I like it. If it brings me profit and leisure, that's all for the good. You had the right attitude as a child. An egg you enjoy is infinitely preferable to a basket full that simply sit there.

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  3. Hi Julie! I just discovered that you had this blog. :)

    Thanks for giving us a little insight as to why you write, and what it means to you. It's fascinating, and we always enjoy learning more about our friends.

    Looking forward to following you here, too.



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