"What would religion be without laughter?" - St. Thomas Aquinas

"What would religion be without laughter?" - St. Thomas Aquinas

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas Up Ahead

All this time it seems as if I have been standing on a conveyor belt, having gotten on about mid-October with its cornstalks, squashes and pumpkins going by, only now to see Christmas lights up ahead.

Well, it could have happened because pending life changes are absorbing all waking moments, with preparations, packing, cleaning, stripping wallpaper and--let's see--recycling household items. I didn't even include those quotes from the good folks gracing my threshhold who would like me to consider  replacement windows, tree pruning and estimates for repairing a windowsill and shed.

It's been quite a grouping of professionals--especially when one handyman didn't show and I run into him at the local hardware chain store. Oopsie! We smile. I'm holding all the accoutrements of the job we have in common. He explains he had truck trouble. I give him an eye roll.

When something like this happens, I'm convinced we all have a spiritual audience that enjoys such serendiptions (I know that's not a word--give it time) since there must be a shortage of sitcoms on celestial cable.

Anyway, the time away from this blog should not have been this long, and for this I apologize. I do traipse in to update the reading list every so often, as I finish a book. I truly appreciate current authors, but those from years gone by need a freshening up and a little attention, so those I've been reading and loving every page.

It's a comfort knowing you're always welcome to take a break and read while a belt moves you ever so gently to a glittering holiday finale.

Enjoy the Season!

--Julie & Tom the Church Cat


  1. Nice to see a post from you, dear friend! We hope you and your family -- furry and human -- are enjoying the Season, too.


    P.S. - "serendiptions" ... LOVE IT!

  2. Inching toward Christmas either in anticipation or digging in the heels and being dragged, there is no escaping it.
    The best thing about Christmas for me is a cat or two under the tree lights in the dark.