"What would religion be without laughter?" - St. Thomas Aquinas

"What would religion be without laughter?" - St. Thomas Aquinas

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Duck! Here Come Some Christmas Thoughts

Some thoughts on Christmas - I'll make it quick.

The holidays seem to come in all shapes and sizes depending on who's in your life at the time, your outlook, and the circumstances surrounding home and hearth. Some people are in a different home for the holidays, some don't have any home at all, yet still feel the festive spirit that is shared by all, no matter who you are.

The lights and decorations and goodwill are for everyone. They are the sparkle of the holidays that we all share and the bah-humbugs out there just haven't recognized the fact that the holiday really makes no demands (relatives might be another story), there can be welcome surprises, and there's always good food somewhere. Even the most thrifty will find festive sprigs of this or that. They might even use the occasion to indulge in chocolate truffles or once-a-year candy chicken legs (although I'd rather have the real thing).

The holidays mean kindnesses, sometimes totally unexpected and so treasured. The only way to a new year and new hopes is through the holidays and their promise.

If this Christmas isn't perfect, make the best of it. One thing you can count on. If this one isn't so good, there's always another, and you have a whole year to get your act together so you can enjoy a well-deserved happy ending.

Fr. Tom Fishworthy, S.J.


  1. That is simply wonderful. Thank you, Tom and Julie for this beautifully hopeful message. Much love to you, and Merry Christmas!

  2. So very true - hope yours was wonderful!